Official 2015-2016 Roster

Congratulations to the new DHSDT for the 2015-2016 season!! We couldn’t be more excited to embark on our 10th year with each and every one of you! Let’s challenge each other, work hard together, and make this the best year yet!

Rafy A.
Meghan B.
Emily B.
Jeni B.
Nafeesa B.
Dayana C.
Ky D.
Sophia D.
Molly H.
Isabel H.
Jihad J.
Haikal K.
Evelyn K.
Dulce L.
Anika M.
Shela M.
Xavier N.
Betsabeth O.
Victoria S.
Lindsey S.
Peter T.
Emi T.
Sofia V.

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