Welcome to The Official Website of the Dominion High School Dance Team

Welcome to another new and exciting year of dance! This is the official website of the Dominion High School Dance Team. We have lots of wonderful things planned out for this year. We are hoping that this year will be our best year, as we hope that every new year will be the best to come.

After three years, our team will finally have a place to connect and interact outside of practice. We hope that the community we build through the launch of this website will be a positive and supportive community, being that we need as much positivity and support as we can. Hope you all are ready and excited too! Please come out to the Basketball Half-Time Shows to cheer us on! Check out our calendar for performance dates.

Dance Team Members/Alumnus

Please sign up for an account. Once sign up is complete, don’t forget to write down your first and last name in your profile, so we know who you are. After we confirm that you are or was once a DHS Dance Team member, we will upgrade your account appropriately.

This site is always being updated. Please check back often for new updates and events! =D

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